Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sister Imangazi

It's funny how someone we have never met has touched our lives so much!!  

Sister Imangazi left to go back to Temple Square on Wednesday, November 27, 2013.  These two sisters sure had a great experience together.  They bonded from the beginning, and got along so great.  A letter she wrote to our family calls Sister Gardanier an "angel spirit, full of charity, kindness, patience and love".   We love you Sister Imangazi!!   You will be missed!!  

Before Sister Imangazi left Spokane, Washington...we asked her to share her conversion story.  There are not many members of the church in that part of the world.  Here it is written in her own words.  

Sister Gardanier's family!! 
I love sister Gardanier! She is so perfect and great sister missionary!!! She is full of charity!!! Great example for me!!!! 
My conversion story: 
My family --- the first Muslim family who joined the church in 2003 & sealed in Sweden temple in 2005.  My whole  family Mormons except for my grandmother. She is still Muslim but she gave us permission to join the church. I grew up with the gospel. Gospel blessed me & my family so much!!! I'm so happy that we met LDS family who came from America to work in the Embassy.  We met them in 1997. We became good friends with them,  and they shared the Gospel with us and showed why they're so happy. When they began to share the Gospel, we felt that we related Mormons then any other Christian beliefs. They gave us a Book of Mormon to read and pray to find out the truth. Since there were not missionaries and church chapels, they invited us to come to have sacrament meetings and family home evenings at their house. We really loved everything they were offering because they didn't force us to follow their beliefs, but invited us to have great joy with them. It took couple years to have our baptisms and join the church. A few years later, the Church was able to be built in Kazakhstan and the missionaries came and started preaching the Gospel. I love Muslim tradition, even I'm Mormon I still keep Muslim tradition in my country. We're happy "Kazakh" Mormon family.
Sister Imangazi 
from Kazakhstan!!

We will miss you Sister Imangazi... enjoy Temple Square for the next 3 months before you finish your mission and return to your family and friends in Kazakhstan.  

We love you so much!!  

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