Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Transfer #2...

First off. I'm getting transferred into the Valley  (Spokane Valley) .I am having a very hard time with it. I know its where I need to be, but I really don't want to go. It's really tough to leave a ward that you put your heart and soul into . But I know its for the best. :)
Quinn was baptized on Saturday! There were so many people there supporting him. He is the first one in his family to be baptized. We hope his parents and grandparents will soon follow. :) He is such a great example and I know he is going to be so blessed for his decision. :)
This week was a really slow week. Mostly because we knew transfer calls were coming and the week just kept dragging on. BUT we did teach lessons and we even had exchanges! Sis. Ledoux came to Post Falls with me and we taught a lot of lessons. :) Exchanges were a lot of fun! I realized how much I actually do know and how comfortable I am with teaching. So, it was definitely a success. :)
We taught Montgomery on Monday! He is absolutely amazing. He told us that he doesn't want to go to the YSA ward (Young Adult Ward), so Sis. Johnson and her new companion will be teaching him. But the YSA elders will be at the lesson on Friday. At the end of the lesson, we asked him to say the closing prayer and ask if the Book of Mormon and the things we teach are true. He said he felt a cool rush of comfort and peace and it took everything in me to not cry with happiness. :) He also told us that sometimes when we teach him, he gets goose bumps up his arms and down his back. We told him that was the spirit! He's way excited to continue taking the lessons and I'm so happy for Sis. Johnson. :)
That's really all that happened this week! Make sure you send my letters to the Pines address or else I won't get the letters you send me. I'm too far away from PF to get any letters from them. I miss you all so much! I can't wait to hear from you. :)
Sis. Gardanier

                                        The district before transfers.  The four sister's shown
                                all share the same apartment.  Jordan's current companion is the
                                                    one in the brown shirt, Sister Johnson.

                                    The sister's don't have access to a car right they
                                                                     do alot of walking!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013

We got a letter in the mail...and I thought you'd like to hear what she said!  

Hola Familia!

I miss you all so much!  Today is Tuesday, and I'm writing to you today since I didn't have much time to write yesterday.  It was crazy busy.  Our ward mission leader took the 4 of us out to lunch at an all-you-can-eat meat restaurant.  Perfect for Dad...I'll bring you guys back there so I can show it to you.  The restaurant is in Couer d'Alene.  Coeur d'Alene is beautiful!  the resort is so nice and the streets are lined with shops.  Anyways, back to me :-)  So today Sis. Johnson and I do not have the car.  Since we moved back into the apartment, we do not live in the area.  We have to bike 1.5 miles just to get to our area. Frusterating!  We had a lesson at 9:00 the morning, so we biked about 3 miles one way to get there.  It's hot and humid. Lately my shoulder/back area has been really bugging me. But I was in luck because out 9:00am appointment is with a chiropractor.  His name is Chad.  I told him what was wrong and he worked his magic!  He aligned my spine and neck. My shoulder isn't 100% better, but he said everytime we come back he'll work on it until it feels better.  So I was able to bike home feeling good!! And he said I'll sleep like a rock tonight.  Please, like I need help sleeping!! Ha ha.  We just finished training and planning our lessons for today.  We're teaching a family who has a son leaving for a mission soon. And then we're teaching an active family about missionary work. :-)  Make sue you guys are being good to the missionaries.  They need lots of love...and dinner appointments!  I love you!!  Have fun in school and work!

Sis. Gardanier

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

So this week went by so fast! I can't believe it's Monday already! Not much happened this week, so this is going to be short, but I still see miracles everyday!

First off, this week we put Montgomery on-date for August 17! We are way excited! We meet with him tonight and are talking about the Plan of Salvation. So I can't wait! :)

Quinn gets baptized this weekend and we are so excited for him. We haven't started planning the baptism stuff yet, but we will soon. :)

We planned on meeting two young men at church on Sunday, but they didn't come. I'm going to have a big talk with them tomorrow at our lesson.

On Saturday, a RC (Recent Convert) family wanted to have a BBQ and invite their nonmember friends! We had it at my WML's (Ward Mission Leader's) house. There were 3 potential investigators there and 1 less active. WIN! ...AND they brought 2 of the potentials to church on Sunday! Ahhh! It was awesome! I can't wait to see them again and hopefully put them on date for baptism! :) We absolutely adore them.

Other than that, nothing crazy has happened. We've done lots of service lately so we've been really sore. Hahah. But hey, it could be worse. I'm just glad to wear my jeans!

I love you all so so much! I hope all is well and I can't wait to hear back from you.

I love you!
Sis. Gardanier

                                                     Jordan and her new companion
                                  She has been doing alot of service this week,
                                  and even ran into a "Twitter" friend of her good friend Sydney's.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Ahhh! Its been such a fun week! Living with 4 sisters in one apartment has been way fun. I can't even describe it. We have been so blessed too. We're all ready by 8:00am even with only one bathroom! Somehow the Lord has figure out how to make time go by slower. Haha. But all 4 of us get along so well. I honestly never want us to get separated. Its weird to see how we all interact differently but one on one we can be so close. I can't explain it, but its definitely been a HUGE blessing. I hope one day all of you can meet Momma B, Baby T, and Sis. They are incredible!

So this week was crazy! Last week we got our P-day moved to Tuesday, and then we had a 7 hour training on Thursday, so we haven't had much of a typical "missionary" week. BUT BUT BUT something SO awesome happened! I told you last week that we had an appointment set up with Montgomery for Friday. He showed up and we had a church tour with him. Then we talked about baptism and had the lesson on"The Restoration". The spirit was crazy strong.  Sister Burgoyne and Sister Tritt were with us and they were antsy the whole time because they wanted to just invite him to be baptized. I can't get over how prepared he is. He read the chapter we asked him to! But he wasn't able to be at church on Sunday because he picked up an extra shift at work. :( But its okay! We're calling him today to set up another appointment. Anyways, Sis. Johnson invited Montgomery to be baptized. He said yes! We're planning on August 10 (Cole's Birthday - Happy Birthday Cole!).  He technically isn't "on-date" but he will be! (It sounds like they need to teach him several more lessons before he will be "ready" for baptism).  He's also 19 years old so we may have to hand him off to the Elders for YSA (a Young Single Adult Ward) but we'll see how comfortable he is with that. I love him!

Friday night thru Saturday night I was on exchanges! I was up in Sandpoint, Idaho with Sis. Tisdale! She is the perfect combination of Brookie M. and Sister Curtis.  Hahah she's way cute and we had lots of fun! We had a lesson with a family through a street contact.  The husband was telling us about how we (humans) were from aliens and UFO's. We didn't know what to do so we gave them a BOM (Book of Mormon) and told him to read and pray about it. Probably wasn't the best way to handle the situation, but he was talking about weird stuff and it was making us feel weird and we just wanted out. We also had a lesson with the Sandpoint missionary's current investigator who's trying to quit smoking! He was way nice and we gave him a quit smoking program. I can't wait to see what happens with him!

That's really all I have to report! This week went by so fast and I love my ward. Post Falls is amazing. I love all of you and I hope you're doing well!
Sis. Gardanier

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 9, 2013

Hi everyone! 

This week had had lots of crazy things happen! My P-day got moved to Tuesday this week and we found out on Thursday, so I didn't get the chance to tell anyone! Sorry! But hey, life goes on :)  (Mom won't talk about her panicking when Monday came and went and no word from Jordan).
So, before I forget, me and Sis. Johnson MOVED again.  The member we were living with had a family emergency and needed the bedroom we were sleeping in. So, we just moved our stuff back into the apartment. We're living there with the two other sisters! Its going to be a party! We are so excited to be living with the other sisters. :)
Me and Sis. Johnson have spent the majority of the week cleaning out our area book. Its been quite a process. We have papers in there from 2007 when elders were in the area. Let me tell you, they are TERRIBLE at taking notes and writing addresses down. Its been frustrating. But its okay... We forgive them!  We needed to clean out the area book so we could find old potentials and formers (former investigators and members). We want to find lots of investigators so we can convert Post Falls! So that took a couple of days. We had our regular appointments here and there, but for the majority of the week we've been doing paperwork stuff since we're in a "new" area.
Proselyting on the 4th of July was quite an adventure. NOBODY was happy to see us on their doorstep and nothing we were doing that day was effective. So, we decided to go to the church and call members we don't know to set up appointments to meet them next week. It worked so well! We actually got a few potentials out of our phone calls! :) Thursday is typically weekly planning, where we sit down and plan the next week and a half. We plan lessons and talk about things that would be most effective to help the area grow. We decided to do that during the evening when everyone is eating and watching fireworks. Problem Solved :)
We have a potential named Mongomery that we've been trying to get a hold of for the past 2 weeks. We've been playing this fun game of phone tag that isn't super fun :) But we called him Sunday night around 10 and he answered! We set up an appointment for Friday and we're planning on inviting him to be baptized! And he's coming to church with us on Sunday! We love him lots :)
Yesterday we had interviews with Pres. and Sis. Mullen so that's why my Pday got moved. Our whole zone was there so we all get to hang out today! :) Then we taught Debra and Terry that night. We let the other sisters have the car Sunday and Monday so we've been doing a lot of walking, but I haven't been getting any blisters! :)
I love and miss you all so much. Have a fun summer in the heat! I'll be spreading the gospel in the cool temperatures of 70's and 80's. :)
All my love,
Sis. Gardanier

                                                's Jordan's Drive!!

                                After not much success on July 4th, she got a sweet treat.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hello, everyone! :) 

So we're all excited for July! Mostly because our car miles start over again. hahaha :) We need lots of miles since we share the car and our area is SO HUGE. But its all good. (It sounds like Sis. Johnson and Sis. Gardanier are sharing one car with Sis. Burgoyne and Sis. Tritt.  I hope they get extra miles since it's two companionships using one car.)

So this week was way slow. We hardly did any proselyting because we spent all week doing stuff for the baptism and teaching Terry all his last-minute lessons. There was a lot of cramming, but we got it done! He was able to stay on date and we couldn't be happier! The baptism was amazing and I loved being able to watch him take that step.Terry and his RC (recent convert) wife, Debra, are practically our parents. They call us their daughters and look out for us. They're amazing! :) We have talked to them about Temples and Eternal Marriage and they are totally going to get sealed. And I'm excited because that means I CAN GO!! :) No matter where I am, if one of my converts goes to the temple I get to go through with them. If they want me there, of course. But I'm so excited to see where that goes! At the baptism Sis. Johnson and I had to give a little 15 minute presentation while he was changing. One of my old investigators was there, Wolf, so we played a part of "The Restoration" video and bore testimony about it. Then we asked Debra to share her testimony. It was incredible. She is such an amazing lady. It was the first time she has ever shared her testimony and it blew everyone away. I'm so happy for Terry and Debra!

Other than that, I really have nothing to report. Yesterday we walked to our dinner appointment because the other sisters had the car. There weren't lots of sidewalks so we couldn't ride our bikes. So we walked 4.5 miles to the members house. She was NOT happy with us for walking.  I have a huge blister on my heel and I can hardly walk. She drove us home and told us we weren't allowed to do that again. I love her. Its hot here.  The temperature is in the high 90's with HIGH humidity. I know I can't complain, but that humidity kills me. I miss the dry heat. For sure.

I miss you all like crazy! Make sure you do missionary work! Its the members job to bring their friends to the gospel. :) I love you.

Sis. Gardanier