Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

"O Come All Ye Faithful"


This week went by so fast. Probably because P-day was on Wednesday last week. hahaha. But The past few days have been full of fun and crazy days. Its awesome!

Thursday- We helped a member set up her Christmas decorations because she and her husband are having a Christmas party with a ton of non members and they told us to come and share a message. So, basically they can't run away because they'll be sitting and eating while we are giving our thought. It's a genius idea. :) We met with Sis. Tilley and went on a blitz in our ward. A "Blitz" is where our district goes to one area and tracts it. We didn't really get anything from it, but it was a good experience!

Friday- We went out with the Single adult rep from our ward to visit single adults with her. We went to go see Bob Brown, an alcoholic. Its ALWAYS an adventure for us when we go over there.....We made him posters with scriptures on them and we hung them on his walls so he can maybe feel the spirit occasionally....

Saturday- We had a new member lesson at Janine's. Then, we went to see Amanda and Eddie! They haven't been keeping the Word of Wisdom, and the Elder's asked me to go over there and call them out on it. It's super sad to see them making poor choices, especially when they know the things they were taught. But I'm so grateful for the opportunity they have to repent and be better! That night, we went Christmas caroling with the zone! It was wayyyy fun. The Spanish Elder's picked up new investigators from caroling! It was really fun. and the elders can sing really well! 

Sunday- We went to round some people up for church, but nobody came. :( Wahh. But sacrament meeting was all about missionary work! And the Ward Mission Leader's wife spoke, so it all worked out :) We saw Mimi (Lexi's grandma). Lexi (a less active new convert) is still MIA (missing in action)  which stinks because it' so close to Christmas. Then we saw a few other members.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary during the holidays. So many people are serving the people around them. Including us. :) We have too many holiday treats! Remember the real meaning of Christmas during the craziness of the holidays.

I love you all.


Sister Gardanier

                                 Yep...she is standing on a frozen lake....

                                       The sister's went bowling last P-day
                                                Where are her gloves?

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