Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2014

I hate driving in snow!

This week has definitely been quite eventful. I have officially decided that I HATE driving in the snow. I had a little bit of a mishap this week with snow and the car....We're okay! And we still have our car! :)

Monday- We went to the Christmas party for the members in our ward! Its was awesome! There was an atheist there who was making us feel super awkward, but he left after dinner because he didn't want to hear our "spiritual thought". Hahaha so sad. Maybe one day he'll open his eyes. :) After that, we went caroling with our zone! It was way fun, as usual. :)

Tuesday- I don't really remember what we did. But we did eat dinner at a member's house! They told us they wanted to feed us every other week! So every other Wednesday we are going over there to eat. Hahaha I love this ward!

Wednesday- We went over to a lonely member's house and borrowed her kitchen to make cupcakes! It was lots of fun! We contacted a referral who wasn't interested, but it's okay! We gave her 2 DVDs and she was super nice. That night, we ate dinner with another family. They took us to this really nice restaurant. The wife recorded a video of us and sent it to our parents. It was super awkward but so funny. :) We had correlation and then went to bed!

Thursday- Longest day OF MY LIFE. We had to temporarily move out of the member's we were living with because they needed our room for their family coming into town for Christmas. So, we spent the whole morning packing and moving into another member's home. We didn't eat lunch until 4:00pm. So we were really glad to be done with that for the day. We did absolutely no Weekly Planning and did it during sacrament meeting yesterday....Hahahaha. We also had a dinner appointment with an investigator! Her name is Diana. I've taught her before with Sister Luki, but Diana went MIA after our lesson....But we ate dinner with her and read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon with her and her member roommate. 

Friday- It snowed all day! We got 4 inches. :)  I taught district meeting! I taught on using the Book of Mormon the resolve concerns. It was so great! It was lots of fun and I got to see how the missionaries in my district teach! Then we ate lunch and drove home to mail my family a package. HERE"S MY CAR STORY! So I was driving and I meant to turn left, but instead I went straight. So I was going into a parking lot to turn around but there was so much snow i turned too early and drove into a ditch. Long story short. a truck had to pull the car out. But there is no damage to the car! YAY! So we didn't have to call the Mission Office. :) Then we drove back to the stake center to help set up for the Ward Christmas Party. Then back home to help a member, who cancelled as we were driving up to her house. Then back to the stake center. Then I forgot to get my stuff for exchanges, so back home and then back to the stake center. Hahahaha it was so snowy! I was slipping all over the street.... and we don't get snow tires or anything! I guess I need to pay more tithing so we can purchase snow tires.  That evening I went to West Valley for exchanges with Sister Burk.

Saturday- I was in West Valley. We visited a lot of people. We picked up an investigator for them! We went to her house and taught her. and as we were leaving she told us she wanted to give us something, but not to look behind us because that's where the surprise was. (by the way, there was a rake behind us...) And as we walked to the door, I whispered to Sister Burk "is it okay that I'm freaked out right now?" Hahahaha she gave us a glass statue. We didn't die. :)

Sunday- Lexi (Lexi is their recent convert that is less active) was home! We went to see her and see if she wanted to come to church. She obviously didn't. After church we visited members.

I hope you all have a fun Christmas! I miss you all and I'm so glad for all the love and support I get from you! 

All my love,
Sister Gardanier

                             Look at all that snow....and where are her gloves?  :-) 

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