Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

SO Happy!

This past week we had so many miracles! And I have so many things I could write about! But I don't have too much time, so I can't type everything out. Unfortunately. I'll start with the big stuff.

1. Transfer Calls. We got the call last night. I'm staying in Moscow with Sister Rose. SO happy. :)

2. The miracle of the lost earring. So during p-day last Monday, I lost my earring. I heard it fall on the hardwood floor, but I couldn't find it anywhere. We were in the Beasley Coliseum at the WSU campus (more on that in a sec) with 2 zones of missionaries. So I decided that together, we all had enough faith and I would be able to find the earring. So I made everyone kneel down on the ground so that we could all say a prayer together to find my earring. (they're my favorite earrings. thats why it was a huge deal) We said the prayer and some of us kept looking but we couldn't find it anywhere. I went to the bathroom to shake out my clothes and we couldn't find it anywhere. So I eventually gave up and played basketball. Later that night, Sister Rose asked if i ever found the earring. I said no and that I had the one in my bag. She came out of the room HOLDING IT IN HER HAND. She said she found it on the floor of our bedroom on her side of the room! I'm not sure how it got from WSU campus to our apartment in Moscow, but the only logical thing we can come up with is that an angel picked it up and left it on the bedroom floor. :)

3. So this week we went out to Genesee. We had a referral to contact but the address didn't exist. But we saw 2 guys outside working on a car and I was like well, we should go ask them if they know James because we couldn't find him. Sister Rose wanted to go home and wasn't too happy about going to contact these 2 guys. But we did it anyways. We were talking to one guy and asked if he wanted to talk to us (I was obviously way more tactful in my speech and I bore my testimony and taught a basic principle, but for lack of time. you know.) he pretty much wanted nothing to do with us so we asked if there was anyone he knew that might be interested in talking to us. His friend says "I would!".  In those 1.3 seconds i think my heart stopped. I never thought that would happen to me. Turns out, he's a long lost member! He just got out of jail and has been looking for an LDS church in Genesee to go to, but he couldn't find one. I'm standing there grinning like an idiot because I can't believe this is actually happening to me. So we give him a Book of Mormon, get his address and phone number, and get him a ride to church on Sunday! (he didn't end up coming because some stuff came up, but he said he'll be there next week)

4. Katrina moved back to Moscow! We met with her a couple times this week. But she lives in a different ward boundary, so we're going to pass her off to the sisters in that ward next week.

5. JD got baptized! He's an investigator in another ward. Pretty much he's BFF's with all the missionaries in the area. So he was baptized on Saturday. Sister Rose spoke on the Holy Ghost and it was so perfect. She's awesome. And she did a musical number with the zone leaders. She played the violin. It was so good. I love her! :)

6. On Saturday, we had a "good-bye" dinner for the elders who were leaving. We ate at Wingers with like 26 missionaries. so much fun. Then we had a POW WOW for Elder Church and Elder Tingey. We said good-bye to them and signed transfer journals. Pretty much an hour an a half of doing nothing productive. Hahaha.

7. MONDAY'S PDAY. We played basketball at the Beasley Coliseum. So cool. Elder Church & Elder Tingey's #trunkyparty BBQ with the Foutch's. So much fun. 

This week I've learned so much about the Atonement. We met this lady who's going through a lot of stuff. She's had a lot of hardships in her family, but she is still so happy all the time! She talked about how the savior has been her rock and she knows that we're given trials to make us stronger. As she's telling us about all her trials, she smiles through the whole thing. She's still so happy and knows everything is going to be okay. God loves us, even though we have trials. :)

I love you! Hope you have a good week!

Sister Gardanier 

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