Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

"I'd Wait an Eternity for You"

Oh, the week we've had. First off, HAPPY GRADUATION to the class of 2014! :) Welcome to the real world. Good luck to you for the rest of your life! :)

I really have no desire to be typing out this email right now. Hahaha. It's a struggle to have things to say. But I know you all are interested to hear about the crazy things that happen in the life of a sister missionary serving in Moscow, Idaho.

We had dinner Sunday night with President Monson. NO BIG DEAL. Just hanging out with the Prez. :) It was pretty cool I guess. We just talked about stuff going on in the church and we invited him to do missionary work. He said that's something he needs to be better at. Pretty much I gave him advice and he accepted the challenge to share the gospel with more people. NO BIG DEAL.

Ok ok...It was the Stake President of the Moscow University Stake. Not the President Monson of all President Monson's....AND... He grew up with my dad! :)  Funny, funny evening!

Highlight of the week was our lesson with our investigator, Randy. I'll try to make it as detailed as possible so you can visualize the whole situation.

Friday. 4:14pm. We're doing weekly planning. The phone rings and it's a number we don't have saved. Not unusual. I answer.

"Hi! This is Sister Gardanier"
"Hi Sister. this is your friend Randy."
"Hi Randy! We missed you this week at Annette's! (another investigator)"
" I know, I'm sorry I couldn't make it out.
"That's alright. We understand"
"What's on the agenda for tonight?" 
"Well we don't have any appointments, so we're just going to to around and visit people."
"I was wondering if you could come by today and see me. I want to take you on a tour of my house. And show you the pool."
"Sure! we'd love to! Could we come by around 6:45?"
"Yeah, that works"
"Awesome, we'll see you soon!"
"Okay! and also. Its really nice to hear your beautiful voice again."
......."hahaha we'll see you tonight"

Odd. What the heck. Anyways. We had a dinner appointment at 5. We don't have the car, so we walked all day.

Spirit to Sister Gardanier:
"Get a set of elders to go with you."
"No. We'll be fine"
"Get a set of elders."
"Get the university elders." (this is weird because Randy isn't ysa {young single adult} so there would be no reason for them to come with us....)
"Okay fine."

University elders are in. Okay. Now to call Randy and tell him we're going to be late, seeing as we're on foot and I'm not desperate enough to ride my bike. 
I call Randy:

"Hello, This is Randy's house"
"Hey Randy! It's the missionaries! We're just calling to tell you we're going to be running late. We're walking, but we're on our way!"
"That's alright. I'm just waiting outside for you."
"We'll call you when you get close! We won't want you to wait for us. It's going to be a while."
"That's alright. I'd wait eternity for you"
Ooohhh. Sister Rose and I make awkward faces at each other,,, and try not to sound too weirded out.
"Okay, we'll see you soon!"
Awkward. This is so weird. He must be drunk.

45 minutes later we arrive at Randy's house. He 's outside. The elders are already there. Perfect.

Randy is drunk. For sure. Oh well. I'm going to at least get a lesson in. We have to impress the elders with our great teaching skills. We're going to bring the spirit to this home even though he's drunk. I obviously need to work on humility.

Talking to Randy:
"Hello. Welcome to my house!"
"Would you like to come around back and see my pool?"
"Actually we were hoping to teach you a lesson! Can we sit here?"
"Yes. Definitely"

So I help him grab a chair from the other side of the yard. It's not that far. It was like all of 10 steps. Still in sight and sound of my companion. I grab a chair from him and he says "Thanks, bea..." Oh gosh. What? There's no way I heard that right. Pretend like I didn't hear it and I'm not totally creeped out right now. 

"Can we start with a prayer?"
"Who's turn is it?"
"Would you please?"

"So have you been reading?"
"Sort of. I just really admire you both for all the hard work you do. You really make Annette's day when you go over there and she loves you lots and she knows you are telling the truth........." he continues to tell the elders how great we are and how much good we are doing for Annette for like 10 minutes.

Thanks Randy, but my head really doesn't need to get any bigger.

10 minutes later he stops talking.

"Well where are you in your reading?
"I'm at Enos"
"Oh my goodness! That's one of my favorites! Can we read the first 8 verses with you? That's the meat of the story and it's really good"
"Yes please!"

We read the 8 verses. And we talk about it a little bit. Randomly the shuts the Book of Mormon and puts it on the spare chair.

"Take your fingers and have them touch your socra points. (index and thumb touching.)"
Uhhhh okay.
"Repeat after me." then he proceeds to do some Buddhist chant.

Elder Montgomery says:
"Can I know what it means before I say it?"

Oh, gosh. Okay. So we do it. Then he says to do it again. Heck no. 
Me:  "Randy! we're talking about Enos!"
"This has to do with Enos!"

Okay. Out of luck. We do this Buddhist chant 4 times.

I try not to laugh but I look over at Elder Church who is making this hysterical face and trying not to laugh. I bust up laughing. So awkward. We all start laughing. Randy is stone faced. 

Meanwhile... there is this cat demolishing this baby rabbit off to the side of us. It was blocked from our view, But Elder Church just confirmed it. And there are mosquitoes EVERYWHERE. 

We say a closing prayer and leave. Elder Montgomery tells us that he's crazy and that we shouldn't teach him anymore. Hahahaha 

That was the highlight of our week.

I forgot my camera, so I'll send pictures next week.


Sister Gardanier

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