Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

The week summer came...

SORRY!  This letter is going to be short because I don't have a ton of time.  Honestly. Nothing super exciting happened this week. I'm looking through my planner and it's not that great. Hahaha. 

Uhhh, its in the 90's here and I'm hot... and our apartment doesn't have AC. Who the heck can live like that? Not I.  And our apartment is hit by the sun the whole time it's up. 

We got like 5 referrals this week. That's the most I've ever had in one week. Have we contacted them yet? No. Because they're in the boonie part of our area and we got the referrals after we switched the car. :(

This week we had transfers! So we go to go to the transfer site and see all the missionaries! I hardly know anyone. I've been out a long time and I still see so many people I don't know. Its weird! So we picked up sister Strong and went to our youth Tuesday activity called "Get to it Tuesday" We play a game with the youth 12-18 for about an hour. They get to invite their friends and it's way fun. And our ward is AWESOME at inviting people! They're such great missionaries! :)

For the fourth of July we went to our Bishop's house and ate with them and the Monson's (stake president). Then we didn't have anything else for the rest of the day. 

The Mission Department came out with a new proselyting activity! We get an hour a week to email our converts to keep in contact with them. Its so nice! And guess what?! DEBRA AND TERRY ARE GETTING SEALED!!!!   (This is a couple from Post Falls, Idaho.  Sis G and her first companion, Sis. Burgoyne taught Terry the discussions and he was baptized shortly after they started.  Congrats to Terry and Debra!!)   I don't know when, but I know they're planning on doing it this month! Obviously I'm going to go! :) I'm so happy for them! :)

Our investigator, Tony got married on the fourth! He is set to be baptized on July 23. His birthday. :) So we're way way excited for him! :)

Sister Rose and I are studying self-worth this transfer. So if you know any good talks or scriptures, send them our way! 

I'll be home soon. 

Sister Gardanier

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