Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

No Randy?

Before I begin my email. It has been brought to my attention that multiple people (mainly my mom) are concerned for my well-being due to my emails regarding Randy. I want all of you to be rest assured that I am COMPLETELY safe and he is not a threat AT ALL. I have contacted my zone leaders and will be in contact with my mission president after transfers to make him aware of the situation. Randy is sober all of the times we've seen him except for that one time 2 weeks ago. I do not need pepper spray or mace. I have the spirit and lots of priesthood holders continually on stand-by. I'm in Moscow, Idaho for crying out loud. People run away from us more often than they try to come up to us.

Also, to ease your frazzled minds, I did NOT have any contact this week with Randy. We were supposed to have an appointment on Tuesday but I was on exchanges, so I was in Pullman, WA... and he had to cancel anyways. Sister Rose answers the phone if he happens to call. 

Now that we have all that settled. This week we had so many miracles! Okay, well we had a very slow week and Sunday was full of miracles. But, miracles happen everyday, so there were miracles all over. :)

Tuesday I was on exchanges in Pullman, Washington. Yep. I hopped the border. Its basically the same thing as Moscow. College town. Hills. Trees. Its all the same. Nothing super exciting. We did a lot of tracting. good thing I'm pro at it now, thanks to Sister McWilliams. :)

Wednesday we had interviews with president. I passed with flying colors. No plane ticket to come home early. :) 

Friday we had a zone car wash! It was so much fun! Sister Johnson and I worked the corner. We were pro (mom is so not proud).  It was cool because we were able to get a lot of non members to come. While their cars were being washed, we took them on a Church tour! It was really fun to be able to do community service and help them get clean! Spiritually and Physically, of course. Then we did service for a member. We cut down trees and loaded trailers of shrubbery and then unloaded it at their house. It was so much fun. Pretty much we hung out with the same 6 missionaries all day. Haha.

Saturday we helped out our member at his car show in Genesee. So much fun but it rained the whole time and I was freezing cold. I took the dragster out for a test run. NO BIG DEAL.

Sunday! So full of Miracles! I wish I had time to type all of them out. 

Annette - had a lesson and she's been sober for 3 days and hasn't had a cigarette in 8! She told us she's been reading everyday and that she doesn't really have the urge to smoke or drink. It's so great! Since she was sober, we asked her if she wanted a priesthood blessing to help her out. So we called up some of our favorite elders (actually, they were the closest ones) and they came and gave her a blessing. SO COOL. The blessing was perfect for her and she loved it.

Thomas and Kelli - Kelli got a blessing since she's pregnant. We weren't there for it, but Thomas loved it. Kelli didn't seem so sure. They also told us that they've been talking and Thomas is ready to be baptized, but Kelli isn't. So they were asking if Thomas could get baptized first. We said OF COURSE. They told us they would talk about it some more. But Thomas could potentially get baptized next weekend!!! :)That would be a cool way to end the transfer! :)

Jefferson - He told us he was going to come to church today! That would be 2 weeks in a row! When we first started teaching him, he told us he would never pray or come to church. Well, he told us he would pray next time! We encouraged him to think of a question to ask in his prayer for next time. He's has been getting answers to his prayers, but he's just not recognizing the as answers. So we're going to help him out... and then he'll get baptized. :)

This week has been so much fun! I'm so glad to be able to see all these miracles. Thanks for all the love and support you give to me. It makes the slow days worth it. :)


Sister Gardanier!

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