Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

Commandment #2

This week's highlight had to do with Randy again. Hahahaha Oh my goodness. It was just such a blast teaching him. :) hahahaha

I'll start with the miracles, so we don't get distracted reading about my awkward situations. Hahaha.

1. Jefferson CAME TO CHURCH. Oh my goodness. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation this week and it was just such a great lesson. Then we went to church on Sunday and I glance over my shoulder and there he was! Sitting there in a dress shirt, slacks AND a tie. No joke. It was the greatest thing I've ever seen. He even took his daughter to her grandma's so that he could completely pay attention. The talks were PERFECT. The couple who spoke were both RM's and they were perfect talks for Jefferson. 

2.Tony and Shauna are getting married! Therefore, Tony can be baptized on July 23rd! Shauna showed off her ring at church yesterday and everyone is being so supportive. SO HAPPY. I almost cried when they told me. Almost. But I didn't.  Because I'm a big girl. But I was so happy. They're eloping to Coeur d'Alene on July 4th. :)

3. I finished my scripture box. Missionaries will know what this is. Its just a ghetto scripture case made out of a cereal box. I've had a half-finished one for like a month. So I finally put more pictures on it and taped it. It's pretty great.


4. It was Sister Rose's one year mark this week! :) So we went out to lunch! There were 14 missionaries at one table. So it was obviously so much fun :)

Okay. Now for the highlight of the week.

We have been seeing Randy EVERYWHERE. Like, in the most random places. At restaurants, on the street, and at people's houses while we're doing service. Stalker? Possibly. I think he put a tracker on me. But, that's not important. So, just remember we see him randomly and totally not on purpose. As a matter of fact, we are trying to avoid him. Not kidding.   

So. I won't do another dialogue. Mostly because I can't remember what the conversation was word-for-word. and you'd have to have it verbatim for it to be as hilarious as it was in person. 

We have an appointment with Annette Sunday afternoon. So we show up and Randy is there. OH BOY. Okay. I'm mentally preparing for what is about to happen. We walk in and I make it a point NOT to sit next to Randy. So I sit on this bench thing and Sister Rose sits next to me. Whew. No room for anyone else. (thank you for reading my mind, companion.) So we sit and it's CHAOS. Annette and Randy are both talking a ton and they're talking about nothing important. So we're trying to talk about Annette's reading. So we tell them we want to start with a prayer. I ask Annette who she wants to say it. She wants to hold hands. Sister Rose says no (what a champ). Our member is SO uncomfortable. Randy quickly volunteers to say the prayer. But before he starts he asks how to say my name correctly. This is the part where I can either tell them how I pronounced it growing up, or I can make something up so he sounds really funny. I choose to be honest. I already have a feeling this is going to be awkward. So I tell him and he kneels on the ground and STARTS PRAYING TO ME. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Talk about worshipping false idols. He's like praying about how great I am and how honest and perfect I am. Okay, dude. You're crazy. Then I whisper to Sister Rose that we need to leave ASAP. The Spirit wasn't there. So as we're trying to teaching, guess who walks in? Yep. ROGER. Remember that creepy hitler minister guy? Yep. Him. Sister Rose wants to rebuke the evil spirits inside him but she doesn't have the guts. Hahah I don't either. So I just pray I never have to see him again. Randy and Roger start to not be super nice to each other. Randy just doesn't like Roger and it's very obvious. It was really awkward for our ward member, and I'm sure she wanted to cry. And I don't blame her. I wanted to cry a little bit too. So we shared a scripture and tried to get out. We ask to say a closing prayer. They insist we hold hands. Okay. And let's sing campfire songs while we're at it. Just kidding. Sister Rose says the closing prayer, then Roger starts to speak in some tongue saying random names. Okay. Whatever. Then Randy decides he wants to show off. So he starts doing this chant in spanish or something. We get out of there right away.

Then Randy calls that night and ASKS ME ON A DATE. To go get coffee. Smooth. "What do you think God would say to you hanging out with a crazy old guy like me?" he asks.

How do you even respond to something like that? Oh so awkward.

ANYWAYS.  We went mountain biking again this morning. super fun. :) 

I love you all! Pray for the Ricks family. :)


Sister Gardanier

  New PJ's!!  Thanks Nana and Poppy!

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