Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hello, everyone! :) 

So we're all excited for July! Mostly because our car miles start over again. hahaha :) We need lots of miles since we share the car and our area is SO HUGE. But its all good. (It sounds like Sis. Johnson and Sis. Gardanier are sharing one car with Sis. Burgoyne and Sis. Tritt.  I hope they get extra miles since it's two companionships using one car.)

So this week was way slow. We hardly did any proselyting because we spent all week doing stuff for the baptism and teaching Terry all his last-minute lessons. There was a lot of cramming, but we got it done! He was able to stay on date and we couldn't be happier! The baptism was amazing and I loved being able to watch him take that step.Terry and his RC (recent convert) wife, Debra, are practically our parents. They call us their daughters and look out for us. They're amazing! :) We have talked to them about Temples and Eternal Marriage and they are totally going to get sealed. And I'm excited because that means I CAN GO!! :) No matter where I am, if one of my converts goes to the temple I get to go through with them. If they want me there, of course. But I'm so excited to see where that goes! At the baptism Sis. Johnson and I had to give a little 15 minute presentation while he was changing. One of my old investigators was there, Wolf, so we played a part of "The Restoration" video and bore testimony about it. Then we asked Debra to share her testimony. It was incredible. She is such an amazing lady. It was the first time she has ever shared her testimony and it blew everyone away. I'm so happy for Terry and Debra!

Other than that, I really have nothing to report. Yesterday we walked to our dinner appointment because the other sisters had the car. There weren't lots of sidewalks so we couldn't ride our bikes. So we walked 4.5 miles to the members house. She was NOT happy with us for walking.  I have a huge blister on my heel and I can hardly walk. She drove us home and told us we weren't allowed to do that again. I love her. Its hot here.  The temperature is in the high 90's with HIGH humidity. I know I can't complain, but that humidity kills me. I miss the dry heat. For sure.

I miss you all like crazy! Make sure you do missionary work! Its the members job to bring their friends to the gospel. :) I love you.

Sis. Gardanier

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