Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Month #2!!

AHHH! Its so crazy to think I'm already in my 2nd month of my mission! Its gone by crazy fast and we've seen an unbelievable amount of miracles.

So, it looks like I have changed locations(Last week Jordan thought their 2 person apartment would turn into a 4 person apartment). Sis. Johnson (Jordan's new companion) and I DO NOT live in the apartment with Sis. Burgoyne and Sis. Tritt (Sis Tritt is the newest missionary just out of the MTC). Sis Burgoyne and I found about the living arrangement changes while we were in Spokane (mission home) picking up Sis. Tritt. I had nothing packed, so we spent all day Tuesday packing up my stuff and moving it. We are currently living with a member. Its so much different than having our own apartment. But I don't mind it. The lady we live with is super nice and she is a convert, so we like to talk to her about advice for teaching investigators. :)  Everything is great!! We are so grateful for her desire to help us. :)

Me and Sis. Johnson are looking for new investigators and people to teach. We've been going through the potentials to see who we felt like was prepared. We went to a house to find someone named "Lucky". We knocked and his brother, Montgomery answered. He's 19 and plays soccer! So we were able to talk about soccer for a little bit. :) (FYI - Jordan LOVES to play soccer. She has played soccer since she was 5) He's way nice. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and how it's the teachings of Christ while he was in the Americas. He LIT UP and said he's been asking the leaders from his church what Christ was teaching in America and nobody had an answer for him. We were SO happy. We gave him a Book Of Mormon and told him to read 3Nephi 11 and to pray about it. He's an awesome kid. He's at a soccer tournament this week, so he told us to call him this coming weekend to set up a time to have a lesson. We've already talked to some future missionaries in the ward to get them to come with us. We already have fellowshippers for Montgomery! Ahh we're so blessed :)

Elder Pieper from the Quourm of the Seventy came to speak to us on Saturday. He basically just answered questions and taught us how to teach people and how to answer their questions. It was way cool. If I could explain it so it made sense, I would. Basically there's always a simple answer and we need to teach the simple doctrine to match the question. :) He was amazing. He mentioned a few things that were in the broadcast too!

That broadcast on Sunday was amazing. It is SO important for members to find people for us to teach. We as missioanries are set apart to TEACH people, not tract all day. If you love the gospel, you WILL want to help others come to find Christ. If you invite people out of pure love and care for them, it will never be offensive. Members play such an important role in missionary work. I didn't realize it until I was out here. We rely on them so much. Help them! They know what they're doing :) I can't believe we will be using social media for contacting now! AH! that's so weird! Its so against the rules that my instincts will tell me its not allowed (ha ha) ... but I trust the apostles and the prophet! If its going to help us get baptisms, then I will do it!!

Terry (Terry is the husband of a recent convert) gets baptized on Saturday! Keep him in your prayers! He's doing amazing and I can't wait to see him get baptized. His faith is incredible and he will be such an amazing influence to his friends.

I love you all so much. Be good and stay close to the people you love. We've been having a lot of hard things going on in our ward, and I know family is important and you can be with them forever.

Sis. Gardanier :)

                                                    They make the cutest companions!!

She is with Sister Johnson (her new companion) 
and Sister Johnson's trainer, Sister Ladoux

Her favorite rainboots!!
Out tracting

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