Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

This is what it's all about.

Okay. So this week I literally experienced the BEST MOMENT of my mission. But! more on that later. Gotta leave you hanging so you read my whole email. :)

Monday Sister Maughan and I went and said bye to the people in our ward in Coeur d'Alene. It was really hard to watch her say goodbye to people. Which is really weird. It wasn't that hard for me because I didn't really know anyone. But sad nonetheless. I hadn't even started packing yet, so that night when we got home I was up late packing.

Tuesday was trasnfers! Sister Maughan left to go to the airport and then I got on the transfer van. We went down to Moscow and I got to see Sister Rose, Sister McCabe, Sister Strong, and the Mitchell's! The Mitchell's came to surprise me and I just wanted to cry the whole time because I love them so much. And it was SISTER ROSE'S BIRTHDAY so all the missionaries at the transfer site sang happy birthday to her. Yep. That was my idea. :) I met Sister Gosdis and then we went off to work! I really don't remember the people we met or anything because it was my first day in Spokane Valley.

Wednesday. Yeah I don't remember that day either.

Thursday was weekly planning! It was nice because I had actually met a lot of the people we were planning for, so she didn't have to do it ALL by herself. So I was really glad to be able to contribute to lesson planning and stuff like that.

Friday was seriously the best day ever on my mission. So remember Debra and Terry? Yep. they got sealed. AND I GOT TO GO! I was so happy. Honestly, that is what missionary work is all about. It's about making eternal families. Binding families to be together forever. I was able to be there with Sister Mandy Johnson, my companion at the time of Terry's baptism. It was seriously the most cherished moment on my mission. I was all cry-ing and stuff but it was so great to be able to take part in their story. I'm so blessed to have been a part of all of that. Heavenly Father knew I needed that, so He put me in a position to be able to attend that sealing. I'm SOOOOO thankful that we can be with our families forever. And that when we keep our covenants, we can receive exaltation and be in the celestial kingdom with our families in the presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There could not be a more perfect plan.

Saturday was so crazy. We were trying to do Saturday Round Up where we spend all day Saturday working on getting our investigators to church and inviting all we see to come with us! We were in the middle of doing it when our less active, Sonja, called us. We are trying to help her quit smoking and we told her to call us whenever she has a craving and we'll come over and read scriptures with her. So we went over there and she wanted a blessing, so we had to meet the priesthood holders at the church, which ended up being where we were watching the Women's Broadcast! So after her blessing, we watched the Women's Broadcast! Mind you, our day was so busy that we didn't even get our dinner hour. Yeah. We were really busy. Sister Gosdis feels the same way about our meal hours as I do. We get all 60 minutes. No if's, and's, or but's. So we sacrificed it for our investigators. Big deal. 

Sunday! I LOVE the ward I'm in! Everyone loves us and was introducing themselves to me. It was really nice to be in a ward that appreciates us.....Hahaha. It's really weird to be in church and to see President and Sister Mullen in our ward. Hahaha.  We ate dinner with the Byers and they are so solid! They are going down to Arizona on November 6 and they want to do a temple session with me in the Gilbert temple! Hahaha,,, So I'm in! :)

This week I've been so physically exhausted at the end of the night. It's been so rewarding to be able to feel like I deserved my sleep for that night. I think I fall asleep before my head even hits the pillow. I love this area I'm serving in so much and I'm so glad to be with Sister Gosdis! She's so great and she is a solid teacher. I'm going to learn so much from her. :)

This week I'm inviting you to write down 3 questions for General Conference! They all will get answered through the spirit as you watch conference. Pay attention to the spirit and search the scriptures for your answers.

I love you! I hope you have a fun week! :)


Sister Gardanier

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