Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Where's the smoke alarm...

HI! :) This week was SO FUNNY. Sister Gosdis and I had some of the funniest lessons ever this week. I'll tell you all about the funny stuff because that's what makes missions fun, right? :) 

MONDAY. Okay. So we don't have our car and so we're on our bikes. We left our appointment at like 8:55 so it was pretty dark and we had a long way to go to get home. And I haven't biked in a while, so I'm not exactly in shape. So I know it's going to take longer for us to get home than what Sis. Gosdis is thinking. So we're biking up this hill and I've become really stubborn by this point and I don't want to be a wimp and walk my bike up this hill. So I'm determined to make it to the top. Sister Gosdis is WAY ahead of me and I can't even see her red lights on her bike anymore. And my bike light sucks. I can barely see the ground and I'm constantly worried that I'm going to hit a curb and eat it on my bike. And I'm wearing a jacket and I really don't need it because its not that cold, so now I'm really hot and sweating. And I don't know the area and I'm afraid that I'm going to get lost and I don't have our phone or even know our number. So that's a problem. So I'm riding up this hill, my legs are burning, I can't see the sidewalk, I'm panting, and I see a car turn off of a street and kinda start to pull up really slow next to me. I assume its a member saying"hi", but then out of know where, I GOT SILLY STRINGED!!! Someone sprayed silly string out of their car window and sped off! But I'm still determined to make it to the top. So I yell out "Heavenly Father, HELP ME" and then proceed to cry. Hahaha... pathetic, I know. Then I pulled myself together, found my companion, and told her what happened to me. She almost peed her pants from laughing so hard. Hahahaha.

FRIDAY. We have a potential that we helped move earlier in the week. We offered to have her new apartment dedicated so it could have good feelings and be a safe place. She agreed. So we needed to have a priesthood holder do it, just to give some of the new missionaries experience. Long story short, the AP's ended up doing it. They came over and it was seriously the most awkward lesson ever. Elder Denman and Elder Cahoon are the APS. Elder Cahoon is very enthusiastic and optimistic. Elder Denman is very meek and listens to the spirit really well. The investigator's daughter has ADHD and is autistic. She sits next to Elder Denman and starts to cuddle up to him and play with his tie. SO FUNNY. He was feeling really awkward. Hahaha. Then she shows us this Monster High Doll she got and yells at the top of her lungs, "SHE EATS PEOPLE!!!" Hahahaha I was seriously trying so hard not to laugh.

SUNDAY. So we're in President Mullen's home ward, so we scheduled a dinner appointment with them. Sister Gosdis and I were nervous because we had to teach a lesson to them and it's to the MISSION PRESIDENT. So, we were a little scared. We're sitting in the living room because dinner wasn't ready so we were going to teach the lesson first. We were sitting there in the room teaching and all of a sudden I smell something burning, but I just assumed that Sister Mullen had it under control. Sister Gosdis says "Is your food okay?" and Sister Mullen says, "Yeah, its fine". So we continue our lesson and then it starts to get kinda smoky. So Sister Mullen gets up and 3 seconds later here, we hear, "Don, something's happened." And the twins (they're older teenagers) jump up and run to the kitchen. President just looks at us and is like "She called me...." hahahaha then we walk to the kitchen and President and the twins are outside on the back porch with something charred and in flames. Hahahahaha. The kitchen is thick with smoke and we can hardly breathe. Turns out, Sister Mullen had left an oven mitt in the oven and it caught on fire! Hahahaha... so it created an interesting night. President pointed out that NONE of their smoke alarms had gone off and that he had just changed the batteries.  So we were a bit concerned about that. But all in all, it produced a great night. President wrote about it in his weekly letter to the missionaries. Hahahaha.

So I'll share something spiritual with you. This week during weekly planning I was really having a hard time trying not to get trunky. But Sister Gosdis was sick and I was left with a lot of time for my mind to wander. Not good. So I called one of the elders so I could get a blessing. I was also seeking for some guidance as well, so this blessing would serve both purposes. So Elder Folu and some other elders met us at a church building. Elder Folu and I are really good friends, and I knew he would tell me how it is. So I was getting my blessing and it was great. It talked about using the atonement and using all my might, mind, and strength to serve. Then he took a long pause and said, "Heavenly Father is pleased with you, but he is NOT satisfied. He knows you can do more." Then he closed the blessing. Ouchhhhh. But I've had lots of time to reflect on it. My mission is not over. I have not done everything I have been sent here to do yet. Therefore, if I were to quit and give up now, I would waste 4 weeks of potential blessings and spiritual growing experiences. That's why I needed the blessing, to get called to repentance and to know that I'm not done yet, but that the Savior is ALWAYS there and will lift me up. :)

Conference was so good! I don't have time to talk about it, but go watch it!

I love you! (28 days left.)

Sister Gardanier

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