Monday, September 22, 2014

September 25, 2014

Miscommunication at its finest

Hi guys! :) So last night we had transfer calls! It was my last transfer call of my mission! Sister Maughan is leaving to Brazil and I will be leaving Couer d'Alene also! I am going to be serving in the Belle Terre Ward in Spokane Valley. My companion will be Sister Gosdis. Belle Terre is President Mullen's home ward! Hahaha so you know, I'm currently freaking out a little bit. Sister Maughan was stressing about packing this week and now I'm stressing too! Haha. But I am excited to start my new adventure and be able to serve close to President and Sister Mullen. :)

On Tuesday Sister Maughan and I got to have lunch with Bro Moss! He told me that Debra and Terry are getting sealed on FRIDAY! I literally sat there and bawled. I'm so happy for them! There are 2 other couples that are getting sealed this week as well that I taught. I'm so happy for all of them! :) So I'm hoping to be able to go to their sealing on Friday! President hasn't gotten back to me about it yet.

On Saturday, Sister Maughan had another baptism in Spokane! So we asked a member in our ward to "babysit" me while she was gone. We agreed to meet at the Reynold's (the family that was babysitting me) after she was done at the baptism. So the sisters in Spokane told me she was on her way and would be there in a half hour. 30 minutes go by and she's not there. then 45. then 50. Then I start to freak out. So I call the member that took her and asked if she was still with them, they said no and they they had dropped her off at our apartment 30 minutes ago. So now I'm panicking because she doesn't have a car, companion, or a phone. WHAT THE HECK. So I run inside to get my stuff and I turn around and Sister Maughan pulls up with our nonmember downstairs neighbor! hahahaha I was dying!

So, here is Sister Maughan's side of the story: 
After the Baptism, I had someone text my companion that I was on my way home. (She was with a member doing service) The plan was for her to meet me at the apartment. My ride dropped me off and watched me walk in (Random member from a different stake)  I walked in the apt and I saw that I was alone and turned around and walked back out. Well my ride was gone.  So I decided that I could just ride my bike to where my comp was. So I changed my clothes in to Pday clothes and got my bike. But then I decided that wasn't a good idea. So I walked back in to the apartment and changed back in to my missionary clothes and decided to walk to the church and call my comp. But then I remembered I don't know our cell phone number. So I got the ward list. and started walking down the stairs of my apartment. I decided I really didn't want to walk to the church so I decided to knock on my neighbor's door. I have only met her once (she is a friend of another faith).  She answered and I explained the situation. She started freaking out. Long story short, she drove me where I needed to go and now, Vickie and I are great friends!!!

Hahahahahaha so needless to say, we had quite an adventure that day. Poor Sister Maughan. I ditched her on her last week in the states!

Sister Maughan mowed the McLuskie's lawn and lowered the blade all the way down and mowed a letter "M" into their front lawn. Hahahaha it looks so great! They laughed, so it was all good. :) She definitely didn't want them to forget her. 

That's really all we did this week! Sister Maughan has been packing and we've been running around getting her all the stuff she needs for Brazil.

In sacrament meeting we had amazing talks! They were on the Atonement and the sister who spoke talked about a story in 1 Samuel 25 about a girl named Abigail. She was used as a type for Jesus Christ. She offered herself to take the blame for the things Nabal had done. That's what Christ did for us. He took upon himself the things we will do. Its one of the only times that a female is talked about in the scriptures. Pretty cool! :)

hope you all had a good week! I love you! :)

Sister Gardanier

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