Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Transfer #8

Let me tell you. These 10 months have literally flown by. I can't believe I'm in the 8th transfer and my 7th companion. That's crazy. I feel like I'm still a little baby in the mission field, but I'm in the "big kid's club". Almost all of the missionaries in the mission have been out less than I have. Which is super weird. there are 240 missionaries in my mission. our mission cap is 250. So, we will see what happens. :)

Tuesday was transfers! Sister Simpson got dropped off at our apartment. Then Sister Tritt finished packing and we drove to the valley to drop her off with her new companion. We also stopped by Cafe Rio for lunch, of course. :) We didn't get back home until like 5, so we ate dinner and Sister Simpson unpacked.

Nothing super cool has been going on this week. The first week of transfers is always slow and we don't get much work done with all the craziness. But we have met lots of members and been able to set up lessons with recent converts.

Friday we had a miracle! We had a referral from last transfer and we couldn't find her. Then we went to a youth baptism in our ward and she was there! So we talked to her and she wants to take the discussions! We'll start teaching her in like 2 weeks.

Sunday we had 3 less actives in church. 3!!! We worked all week to get them to church and when they walked in, I almost cried. It was so great to watch the members in the ward recognize who they were and say hello.  It was awesome to see the members show the less actives they were happy to see them at church. :)

Thanks for all the love. I love all of you lots and am grateful for the support I have received from everyone. :) 

Enjoy the Gilbert temple! Get lots of work done! :)

All my love,
Sister Gardanier

                          Her 10 month mark!!  You can see the huge banner our family
                             made for her at Thanksgiving on the top of the picture.
                                                   Thanks Espo's!!

                                   Her new companion, Sister Simpson

                                        A "selfie" of the two sisters...

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