Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

Work, work, work...all day long!

I miss music a lot. I've forgotten lots of lyrics to songs I know! Maybe its a sign. I'm a real missionary!!

So this week was CRAZY! Sunday was a day full of fat miracles! (everyone here makes fun of the way I say "miracles") but, I'll tell you all about my week first :)

Not too much happened this week. On Wednesday we taught our "on-date", Janine. We taught her about Eternal Marriage! Her husband is a member, so she knows all the stuff we teach her already. But she's so much fun and we love her! And we do lots of service for her, so we've all gotten to be really close. :)

On Thursday we taught Sis.Tilley! She's probably my favorite, but we shouldn't have favorites. But I do. We taught her about the atonement and keeping commandments. She ended up opening up to us about EVERYTHING. It was so great. She talked about her son who's not making good decisions. But our lesson went really well. I can't tell you why or how, but we just felt like it was really good. :)

Friday-Saturday we had exchanges and I went to FootHILLS with my STL (sister training leader). They're in a biking area. That's why there's an emphasis on the "hills". I was a good sport about it, obviously. Sis. Peterson (STL) just loves me hahaha. We had lots of fun for the 24 hours we were together. She got stung by a bee twice, put someone "on-date", and rode up lots of hills. Your little girl was saddle sore. 

Saturday I came home and Sis. Harper missed me so much that she decided to treat me to pizza for dinner. It was a good decision. While we were eating, we got a text from Amanda and Eddie and they told us that they found a place to live! Woop woop! They're still in the trailer park, which is a bummer, but they are renting a bigger and nicer trailer from a member. We are so happy for them! Things are really looking up :)

Okay SUNDAY WAS AMAZING. So we're over 2 wards and this week one ward moved to a different building and both wards are at the same time. Problem for us. So we decided to attend Sacrament meeting in Saltese area. 

Miracle #1- The Wildman's (part member family) came to church! And they sat with us! The family that they usually come with was out of town and they came on their own! It was so so cool. And they stayed for all 3 hours. WIN.

Miracle #2- Eddie bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting! It was so great. All about how families are super important and that the Atonement is forever. Exactly what the Wildman's needed to hear. :) IT WAS PERFECT.

Miracle #3- We had a random investigator in the Mica Peak Ward! We didn't invite him or anything. He works at Albertson's and we saw him last week on P-day (the girls do their weekly shopping at Albertson's) and talked to him for a bit (he's a former member). He looked up the time church started and WALKED to church. He's in his early 20's. He's totally going to get baptized. We're going to hand him off to the YSA elders this week.

Miracle #4- SIS. TILLEY WENT TO CHURCH  and SHE BROUGHT HER (non member) HUSBAND!!!! Oh my gosh it was perfect. They went to the YSA branch because that's where their son would go. He loved it and it was just perfect. The testimonies were exactly what they needed to hear and the stake president gave a priesthood blessing to the congregation and it was just perfect. Then the YSA elders took them on a church tour and they said it was so powerful! I'm so excited to ask Sis. Tilley about it on Thursday!

Yesterday for Labor Day we labored! Our zone helped chip paint and repair a lady's house. We were there all day. It was so much fun though! A bunch of people from the ward were there and tons of missionaries! She's totally going to get baptized. :)

The Lord has blessed us so much this week. I love my mission. I want to be a missionary forever. :)

I love all of you! Thanks for all your letters! They make me so happy. :)

Sis. Gardanier

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