Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Woop woop! Yo girl started her 4th month of being a sister missionary! Its going by so fast. its crazy! I've had so many amazing experiences on my mission and I can't wait to see how many more I'm going to have!

So this week was on the slow side. Sis Harper and I did lots of service and it was so much fun! We painted a sign for a neighborhood in our area, and we hope we planted a seed :) It was a friend of a member we did it for (awful grammar, I know).  She was really nice and we hope that maybe one day she'll talk to missionaries :) The sign took two days to paint. We thought it would only take a few hours, but it took a lot longer than that. But it was lots of fun, so I can't complain. :) Eddie and Andrew (Amanda's son) came and helped us start painting on Thursday. Eddie was such a big help. He challenged Sis Harper and I to talk to 2 nonmembers about the gospel because he had already talked to 3. He's such a great missionary! While we were painting, people would walk by and Eddie would yell to them and tell them that he just got baptized into the Mormon church and asked them if they would like to take the lessons from us! Everyone walked away from him, but he didn't care. :) 

We also had a lesson with Amanda, Eddie, and Andrew Saturday night. Andrew is not a member and it was so great to have them there. The family went on the ward camp out and it really strengthened their family relationship. Andrew gives them a hard time, but he's really opened up and been a lot better. Sis. Harper and I brought them dinner and taught them about Patriarchal Blessings. Eddie and Andrew said they would bear their testimony on Sunday in Testimony meeting, so we can't wait! :)

We had a lesson with a Less-Active from Korea! I asked Tyler to type an experience in Korean about coming to church and have her translate it for me. It worked beautifully. :) She really opened up about everything and is hoping to come to come to church once her son moves back in with them. We challenged her to come to church on Sunday. and she wasn't there. :( but we go back on Thursday and she's making us a Korean lunch. haha.

On Wednesday we helped out with a mutual activity and taught Janine, our on-date. They are struggling financially and while I was on exchanges they taught her about tithing. They committed her to praying about it. On Wednesday when we taught her, she had received a job offer and was basically asked to work all week! She's been looking for a job for a long time.  All she needed was a little faith to pay tithing. :) 

I love my area and I've been so blessed here. I love the gospel and all the lives it changes. Work hard to be an example of your faith and help others to feel of God's love for them.

I miss and love all of you.

Sister Gardanier

                               This is the newly painted sign.

                    I found this picture on her companions blog.... totally funny!!
                                    These two sister missionaries are having way too much fun!                       

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