Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Transfer #4

Hello, everyone! We had transfer calls last night! Yo missionary girl is staying in MICA PEAK! Sis. Harper is going to Lewiston, Idaho and second training. And some Elders are sweeping into Saltese! My new companion is Sis. Imangahzi. She's from Kazakhstan and she's a Temple Square sister! (The sister missionaries called to Salt Lake Temple Square get the opportunity to serve a traditional proselyting mission for a short amount of time during their 18 month mission)  I'm so excited! She has been staying with my stl (sister training leader) so I've met her before. She's way nice and its going to be great!

I have no motivation to type an email this week. Hahaha.  Basically this week was great! We got to talk to Sis. Tilley about her church experience and she just loved it! Her husband liked it too. 

Eddie and Amanda have had more trials come their way this week. Eddie was sharing the gospel with someone and he pulled a knife and slit Eddie's wrist! Unfortunate. And Eddie called us this morning and told us he lost his job :( We are super sad. But we know he will be blessed! 

This morning, Sis. Harper and I had the opportunity to go fear busting (I love this term!!  It says it all with just two small words!) with the new greenies (new missionary arrivals from the MTC)! We got to take them out tracting! I took Sis. Fuller, who is from Texas. We had such a great experience! We got a return appointment for the Elders in Saltese. Yay! 

I love being a missionary! We have been so blessed here and I'm sad to see Sis. Harper go, but I know she'll LOVE Lewiston! :)

I love all of you. Be good missionaries! :)

sister gardanier
                                Leaves on trees turn colors here....WHAT??

                                         The Spokane Valley zone.
                                        Happy Birthday Elder Smith!!

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