Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hello friends! So this week was slooow. but its okay! It gave me time to show Sis. Imangazi how to work in a proselyting area. She's doing great! All the members love her. And she can hold a conversation in 9 languages.,, and fluently speaks 4. I like to brag about her. :)

So this week, like I said, was really slow. so i really don't have much to report. But we did have a few miracles! :)

So we have a RC (recent convert) who is also LA (less active member). Depressing. But she lives with her grandma and grandpa. We went by to see her but she wasn't home. We ended up staying and talking to her grandma. When we had to leave we asked if we could say a quick prayer. She said yes and asked if she could say the prayer! AHH!  We were like uh  "YES. PLEASE DO ". It was amazing. Her prayer was so sweet and simple. I almost cried.

Sis. Imangazi speaks Russian, and we got a Russian referral! We have 3, actually! (miracle!) We went to visit 2 of them. Only one was home and she said we could teach her! But she's getting a new job and will call us when she gets her new schedule next week. :) Another referral was just a number, and it turned out he lives in Seattle. Too far for us to go. But we (by we I mean Sis Imangazi) gave him a quick lesson over the phone and we said a prayer with him. it was so great. I don't understand anything they say, but it's way cool to listen to their conversation!

I miss all of you and I hope you're doing awesome! Keep the letters and pictures coming! I LOVE THEM!

I love you!

Sis. Gardanier

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