Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Trial week #2!!

This week was just as crazy and trying as last. But I know there's hope! :)

We had another mini missionary with us last week! I just adored her. Her name is Sis. Martin and she was amazing. She helped us out a ton with some of our recent converts. They even adored her more than I did. She lives in Cheney, Washington and is planning on serving a mission after the week she had with us! :)

Our recent converts are awesome and we just love them so much. This week they hit their breaking point with their trials. I went on exchanges during the week and I guess while I was gone a TON of stuff happened and I needed to go fix it. So as soon as I got home we went to their home and I had the wife talk everything out. Her new husband had left and she told him not to come back. But I knew she didn't mean it. Sister Harper and I left the home and went to go buy her some dinner and on our way WE SAW THE HUSBAND so we pulled over. He was not happy. I got to talk to him a little bit and told him to go back to the home and apologize and we'd be back with dinner. In the end, everything worked out. Just not an ideal situation. Sis. Gardanier to the rescue :)

As I said before, I went on exchanges this week and I went up to Foothills. It was lots of fun. :) Going on exchanges always makes me so happy to come home to my own area and my companion. Exchanges are amazing and you see lots of blessings. And they definitely make you appreciate the little things :)

Its been a short week since I was just emailing on Wednesday! But I hope you all are well. I miss you all so much and I can't wait to hear from you. Your letters bring me joy and I absolutely love them. :)

Be good to the missionaries and let them do some service. They like it. :)

sis gardanier

                          The sisters and their mini missionary they had last week.

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