Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014


I will be staying in Paradise Ridge and my new companion will be Sister Rose. Sister McWilliams is leaving and she is going to be serving in President Mullen's ward! Hahahaha. I'm just glad that I'm not going to his ward. Too much pressure. But I'm so glad to stay! :)

Wednesday we went on exchanges! I was in the Quail Run Ward with Sister Wood. We walked up and down a lot of hills. That's really all I remember... and it was really hot. Wrong day to wear my hair down. By hot, I mean it was 80* outside. Hahaha to my Arizona family!

Thursday was weekly planning. We have a cemetery next to our apartment, so we decided to be all creative and fun and do weekly planning outside in the cemetery. It was TONS of fun. Chilling with all the cremated people. No big deal. We were outside in the sun for 3 hours. It was nice and warm and we had a picnic. Then, we got in the car and I look down and my right leg is BRIGHT RED. So red. I had a sunburn from my ankle to my knee on only one leg. How does that happen? I have no idea. And my arms got burned too. And I have a nice burn line from my watch. :) Its all a tan now, but in the picture I look awful. It was painful for a few days. 

Let me tell you about Sundays.

At home:
Sunday morning ... "Is it Sunday already?"

On my Mission:
Monday-Saturday "Sunday is right around the corner! Who do we need to go see to get them to church?!"

Church has turned into this huge event every weekend. The whole reason we go out and teach people is so we can get them to church on Sunday. So church has gone from "no-stress" to "high-stress". This week we had 6 investigators in church. It was so fun to see the ward talking to them and helping them all feel welcome and invite them to sit with their families. :) The opening prayer in sacrament meeting was given by Bro. Taylor. He's a little out there. But way nice and so funny. In his prayer he gave Sister McWilliams and I a shoutout. 
"Please bless the Sister missionaries in our ward, Sister MAC and Sister Gardanier. They are beautiful sisters."

The bishop flashed us a look after the prayer and we all started laughing. So funny. People who have a sense of humor are awesome. :) We love shoutouts! :)

Jefferson - I think I've mentioned him before. we taught him this week and he is just so golden. He was telling us about how he loves the Book of Mormon and that he agrees with all the things it says, but just because he likes it, that doesn't make it true. At the end of the lesson, he basically bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and that it was true. We brought that to his attention and he just sat and pondered on it. Then we told him transfers are coming and that one of us might be leaving. He says "well, if you two get the boot, make sure the new missionaries come meet with my still." Ahhhh! :) He's so great.

I'm so glad to be serving a mission! Make sure you pray for the missionaries serving in your ward and each of their investigators by name. :) Every investigator needs prayers, no matter where they're at in their conversion. :)

I love you! Thanks for all your love. :)

All My Love,

Sister Gardanier

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