Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

Skype #3

I've been getting a ton of emails from my missionary friends who are out and all the subjects of their emails are "Happy Mother's Day!" or anything of that nature. Haha. So, Happy Mother's Day to all the women. Even if you don't have any kids. You have been a role model to someone at some time and that is just as important. :)

This week we taught 37 lessons. However, I don't feel like our week was really that busy. Our goal for next week is to teach 40 lessons. Which will be awesome for the last week of the transfer! :)

The highlight of the week is Charlie. I wish I could have recorded our conversation with him this week. It was so funny. And really odd. He told us that he's been on earth since the beginning of time. He's created this device (he's created lots of devices, mind you) that can tap into the electric pulses in the air and he can listen to aliens through it. And that he has this contraption that he's created that he uses to alter the human mind. He's done it to 25 people already. He told us that the government is watching him really close because he's created a device that can get rid of 80% of the drugs, which would but the drug companies out 3 trillion dollars a year.  Ridiculous. He also told us that one day an emblem appeared on his hand that showed him what planet he was from. Sister McWilliams and I really didn't know what to do. So, we told him that God loves all of his children and that we are all important to him. He didn't let us pray with him. Too bad. I don't think he'll be getting baptized in this life. :)

On P-day last week we went on a hike! It was SO pretty. Pictures don't so it justice. If you ever come to Moscow, I know where to go! :)

Thursday we had zone conference! It was so cool! We did this "game" thing. President sent a set of missionaries out to find someone to bring back to the building so another set of missionaries could teach them. In front of the other 50 missionaries, President, Sister Mullen, and the AP's. Dang. They brought back this girl they found at WalMart. She was SO golden. For reals. The sisters who taught her did so well. The lesson was perfect. She was crying and she said she's been looking for the truth and it was a miracle that they found her. Basically she's getting baptized soon. Probably. 

I can't think of anything else super cool. Sorry! :(

I'm so grateful for MY MOM. She's the coolest. I've been so blessed to have had her as my support through all the trials of life. She's been the biggest cheerleader, chauffeur, cook, and doctor. I hope to be half the mom she is! :)  

I love you!
Sister Gardanier 

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