Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 Part 2

EASTERS (this a movie line from one of our favorite flicks...a funny family joke)

How the heck is it Monday already? That shouldn't be possible. But I do love my P-days! :) I really don't remember everything that happened this week. But I'll try to recall as I go.

We went on exchanges! I went to a different area with one of the STL's. It was so great. Their area isn't as busy and stressful as ours, so it was nice to be able to breathe in between appointments. She and I talked about things I've been struggling with and it was really good to hear her input and see what she had to say. All in all, it was a good exchange. But I'm always grateful to be back in my bed. :) Which makes me miss my bed at home. :(

We haven't had as many appointments as usual this week. We're working on some "do or die" lessons with a few of our investigators. Basically, we're taking a break from them for a week-ish and if they don't do what we ask them to, we're going to drop them. We want them to realize how important this is and that our church really is different than everyone else. Its gone really well, though. We have been able to see some progress with them. But its still a little iffy.

Go look at the mission website for pictures on specialized training. it was SO MUCH FUN. We basically just played games. best. day. ever. (you can see Jordan in a light blue APS t-shirt and dark gray sweats in some pictures, and a black cardigan in other pictures.  She is in the "Moscow Zone")

On Saturday, we went out to contact (aka tract. Sister McWilliams calls it contacting because I don't hate her as much if she doesn't use the "T" word.) And nobody answered, but as we were walking down the street, this lady came and chased us down (literally. I never thought that would happen) And she told us we needed to look up some websites (aka anti information) because she is "really concerned for us" and that our religion "is really dangerous" those were literally her exact words. Hahaha... people these days. Her daughter has Mormon friends and want her to go to church with them, but her mom looks everything up online and won't let her. This lady will be held accountable for this. Thats all the comfort I have. Haha. While she was talking to us, she was saying that she wouldn't read the Book of Mormon because she has all the info she needs from the internet. OH MY GOSH. I was furious. I thought I was going to punch her. Honest. Sister McWilliams could tell I was getting heated. I have no patience for people like her. I love her as a daughter of God, but that's about as far as it goes. I've repented and stuff. Don't worry.

EASTER SUNDAY! We have 6 investigators in church. Our Gospel Principles teacher is super deep and it sometimes goes over my head. Which means the investigators sometimes don't get it either, but oh well. The spirit filters. We tried to put our two investigators on date last night. They said they were thinking of being baptized in OCTOBER. I was like uhhh yeah right. We were thinking like May. Hahaha. So, we're still working with them.

Thanks for all the love! Go watch the  "Because of Him" Mormon video. It's SO GOOD. :)

I'm so grateful for the Atonement. and the blessing it is in my life. I can overcome absolutely anything. It is there when you are in physical, spiritual, or mental pain. Christ knows what we feel like. I have spent lots of time on my knees figuring out my life and how to use the Atonement to my fullest ability. 

I love all of you. 

Sister Gardanier

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