Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8. 2013

This was a long, long week. That seems to be how they are lately. But it's okay. It could be worse. :) That's my mission motto :) Its super motivating. I was actually really embarrassed to turn in our numbers to the DL (missionary district leader)  Sunday night. (missionaries will understand what I mean),  So, that was kind of depressing. We've been helping the Elder's finish getting the paint off the investigator's deck. That's how we fill our afternoon hours. 

We also were told about a "Daily Dose" English class that have some Russian's attending! President Mullen approved us to go there and help. We got 2 potentials out of it! :) YAY! But they speak Russian, so I obviously don't do much. But it's way fun! I'm improving my English skills! One of the lessons was about the airport and I was like ..."you have to be kidding me". Trying to make me trunky here. But it didn't! 

We've mostly been visiting members we like. Because we need referrals. And if they like us, they'll give us people to teach. That's my idea anyway. It's going to work eventually!

But something super cool happened Saturday night! We were walking around the apartment complex in our area visiting less actives. It was around 8pm and it was pitch black outside, so nobody wanted to talk to us. Sis. Imangazi got a prompting to go to a less active's apartment.  We have been knocking on her door for like 3 weeks with no answer. So we went AND SHE WAS THERE. Funny thing is, we knocked like 5 hours earlier and she wasn't there. Haha but we were able to help her out and give her a little lesson. It was so great! 

GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SO GOOD. After watching that, you better have texted the missionaries with referrals. If not, do it right now. There's nothing greater than being able to help the missionaries. and now is the time for members and missionaries to work together. :) My favorite talk was Pres. Uchtdorf's. I also loved Elder Nelson's talk. I love how much he admires the body and how he understands God's hand behind it. 

I love all of you guys so much! I love getting letters and especially pictures. :)
Be good!
Sis. Gardanier


                             The Spokane Valley Sisters!

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