Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

This week, the email was labelled "Hotchkin".  We were all confused on what this word meant, and asked Sis. Gardanier.  Jordan was talking about how prickly her legs were, and she compared her legs to a porcupine.  Sis. Imangazi was trying to repeat the word "porcupine" after Sis. Gardanier had used it in a sentence.  The word came out as "hotchkin".  We all got a good giggle about that..  I think there are daily chuckles with the language barrier these two sisters share.  

This week picked up! WE ARE SO HAPPY! :) We had a total of 11 lessons this week. Which really isn't a lot, but it's better than the 5 we had last week! :) So, we're making progress :)

The only real thing to report is that Lexi, our RCLA (recent convert/less active member) was in church! We went over at 12:00 to go wake her up. We spent an hour getting her ready and straightening her hair. Then nobody came to pick her up for church. It was 12:58 so I was like "just get in our car. Don't tell anyone." hahaha. So we took her to church, sat down for like 3 minutes, then she stood up and walked out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We ran after her and made her sit down. Then, five minutes later, she walked out again. I'm too young to have children. She ended up staying and sitting with another family with kids to keep her occupied. So, that was good.

Yesterday we got a legit referral from a 10 year old! He told us to go visit his neighbor. So we told him we're going to take him with us when we go. :)

I hope you are staying warm! Go to church! Send me lots of pictures. :)

Love you!

Sis. Gardanier

We were able to talk back and forth with Sister  Gardanier a little bit today...and we learned that transfers are this next Sunday. She is hoping to stay companions with Sister Imangazi, but thinks the mission president will make her a trainer during her short stay in Washington (Sister Imangazi is officially called to the Salt Lake City/Temple Square Mission.  These sisters come serve a prosyleting mission for a short amount of time then return to Utah and finish out their 18 month mission.). Since Sister Imangazi came, Jordan is in a car and isn't using a bike right now.  She said the weather is beautiful, topping out in the 60's during the day and dropping to the 30's at night.  Last week she bought some brown boots on p-day to keep her feet warm.  You can see them in the pictures below.  She is also LOVING the leaves turning all the beautiful colors.  This Arizona girl didn't know leaves turn colors and fall off of trees!!  She is doing amazing and is loving the Mica Peak ward, and is looking forward to some possible investigators coming this next Sunday to the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program.

                              Her caption on these pictures was "red leaves everywhere"!

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