Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

This week we have seen so many miracles..,

But first...TRANSFERS ARE COMING! :)  We get transfer calls Sunday night and depending on what happens, I may or may not have a P-day on Monday. Or it will get moved to Tuesday. Its really up in the air right now. Anything could happen. we've been hearing rumors that they're splitting the area. Sis. Burgoyne (Sis Burgoyne is Jordan's current companion) could get transferred out and I could be training with another 6-weeker or be a trainer to a brand new missionary! Ahhh! That's so scary to think about! But we are hoping we both stay here for one more transfer!

So the first miracle! Sis. Burgoyne and I got a referral for an excommunicated member. They told us he really is trying to come back to church and might need some help, so we went over there! He wasn't home the first time, so we put him in our planners to see him Tuesday right after lunch. We did this a few days ahead of time so that maybe the Lord could find some way to prepare him. Tuesday we showed up and he was home! He told us that an hour before we got there, someone had left a Book of Mormon outside his door and he's been reading it. He was crying and everything! SO we sat down and talked to him a little bit. He is so down to earth and genuine. He is really trying to come back and he's so glad we showed up when we did! We go back Tuesday and Thursday morning and hope to see what he needs from us!
Also that day, we had 7 lessons in one day! That is seriously so many. especially in this area. we have been so so blessed this week.

Wednesday was my favorite day! WE HAVE AN ON-DATE!!!! And I invited him to be baptized! Its Terry, the husband of a RC (recent convert). He is so amazing and he even bore his testimony last fast sunday! He has to work every other weekend, and the date we chose for him just so happened to be the weekend he has off! MIRACLE!  He said he knew he had to quit drinking coffee, so he didn't buy a new coffee maker. Haha he seriously cracks us up. The baptism date is set at June 29. This is my first on-date and I am so crazy excited! I hope that I don't get transferred out of the area because I really want to see him get baptized. But I'll go wherever the Lord needs me :)

I miss you all lots! But I have been so blessed here and I can't wait to see what other things I can do here. I love you all!

sis. gardanier

                   On P-day, all the missionaries meet at the Stake Center in Post Falls
                    to play basketball and eat the traditional snack...which is Oreo's
                    and peanut butter.  Yum or decide!!

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