Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM EVER! :) Luckily for her, it's her last birthday while I'm on my mission. :) 

This update isn't going to be anything super exciting because it was a really slow week. Sister Rose was sick and recovering from being sick this week, so we spent a lot of time inside and she slept a lot. So we really didn't do anything exciting because if she was up too long, she got really dizzy. So obviously I got to take advantage of her being ill and I napped a lot. Hahahaha. 

The best part of the week was Friday

That morning we had a district meeting. Our DL (district leader) told us to plan a party for afterwards. So we came up with games to play and food. Of course. It was SO MUCH FUN. We played "Pin the Tag on the Missionary" and "dress the missionary." I wish we could have recorded the whole thing. It was so funny. Each companionship had to dress their companion as fast as they could. It ended up being a success. :) The pictures really don't do it justice.

After the district meeting, WE WENT CAMPING. :) Okay, only half-camping. We didn't stay the night. The relief society in our ward had a mother-daughter campout! So we got permission to go! So, Sister Rose and I went up early with a member to help make dinner. I've decided that I love camping. One member brought her neighbor and we got to talk to her and meet her. All-in-all it was so much fun. We spent time with the women in the ward and got to know them really well. Sister Rose and I have been focusing on strengthening the ward and our relationship with the members. So It was really nice that we got to go. :)

I honestly can't think of anything else we did this week. :( 

Today I finished Alma!  That's always a great accomplishment when you're reading the Book of Mormon. I feel like once you finish Alma, you're practically done with the book! Hahaha. 

So. Cool thing I read about. In Alma 60. Captain Moroni writes to Pahoran (the king) and he's really mad because Moroni and his army as well as Helaman's army are suffering a lot. Moroni hasn't received any help from the government and he thinks that Pahoran has betrayed the city. So, Moroni threatens to attack the government if he doesn't receive help asap. Pahoran writes back to Moroni (Alma 61) and tells him that what he thinks is not what is actually going on. The Lamanites have taken over the kingdom and are causing a lot of damage. He also tells Moroni how faithful he and his army have been and how much he appreciates them. 

Moroni just wrote this big long angry letter to Pahoran and Pahoran doesn't say anything mean back to him. He says he understands and wants to help, but he is also under attack. I admire Pahoran so much for this. It would be so easy to get upset and send hate mail back to Moroni, but he doesn't. I know I need to be better about being kind to people and to not react so harsh sometimes. There are times when people are under a lot of stress and they get a little bitter. But if we react with kindness and love, we will show Christ-like love and charity for those around us. :)

Transfer calls are on Sunday! Sister Rose and I are hoping to stay together for one more transfer here in Paradise Ridge. I would be more than okay with that. :)

I love you!

Sister Gardanier

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