Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

"What Joy?"

On Sunday, the Relief Society instructor gave a really great lesson on the Plan of Salvation. She was talking about how we were sent to earth to experience joy. And this really old lady sitting in front of us turns to her friend and says, "What joy? I'm still waiting for it!" Sister Tritt and I DIED. It was so funny. We still joke about it whenever we hear the word "joy." 

This week has been pretty crazy. Remember how I was sick last week? Well, Sister Tritt got it this week and was throwing up for like 2 days. We all know how well I can handle that kind of stuff. I don't. So I called in a few favors and got her a blessing (from our favorite elders, as usual). I got me some headphones, and a box of Emergen-C. We were set. So we were confined to the apartment for 2.5 days. The other days of the week it was snowing and we didn't have the car, so we basically stayed indoors and did weekly planning and made calls to members because we need a ride to Spokane and the ride is super early in the morning.

Saturday night we had a lesson at the Bishop's house with his daughter's friend, Charissa. She has been taking the lessons for a year now. Her mom told her that she had to wait a year to get baptized. Her year mark was this month and we've been teaching her the lessons again. Except, she's lost a lot of interest and i'ts been really hard to teach her. She says that she's thinking about everything and not sure. Before when she was taking the lessons, she was soaking it all up and enjoyed every second of the spirit. She hasn't shown that interest with us and we aren't really sure what to do. Keep her in your prayers so we can resolve her concern and help her find the desire to be baptized! :)

We were able to visit mostly less-actives this week, when Sister Tritt wasn't puking. It was a successful week. Sorry I really don't have much to say! Its been a slow week, but we're excited to start teaching again! :) We both are almost 100%and we can't wait! We are also going into Spokane Valley on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment and for lunch we are going to Cafe Rio! So, needless to say, I can't wait for Wednesday. :)

I'm so blessed to be here in Cheney. I love working with the members and seeing how much missionary work can bless their lives. Continue to see how you can bless the missionaries and pray for them and their investigators by name. The faith of members is literally unstoppable. We as missionaries appreciate all the love and help you give to us. 

All my love.
Sister Gardanier

                              As an early "valentine's day" surprise, they decorated
                         the car of the elders who helped them out earlier in the week.
                                This might be my favorite picture....
                                      I cannot wait to blow it up!

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