Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

Hi friends!
So this week has its ups and downs. Most of the week was slow, but a few fun things did happen! :)
So this Wednesday, I had my first baptismal invite! It's to a guy named Trevor. His baptism date is set at June 8, but we don't think he'll be ready by that date. As of Saturday, he still hasn't read the Book of Mormon. He's married and has one little boy who is seriously the cutest thing. We invited him to church Saturday night, but he didn't come. :( but its okay! We have an appointment with him on Tuesday at 8! So we're keeping our fingers crossed that he's read it by now.
On Friday, the Sister Trainer Leader (ZL for girls) asked if we'd do exchanges! So from Friday to Saturday I was in Sandpoint (Sandpoint, ID looks like an hour drive north of Post Falls) . My companion there was someone who I came out of the MTC with! She was in my zone! In Sandpoint, they have an annual "Stuck in the 50's" parade/celebration during the week. So Friday night was the parade! It's where everyone brings their cars from the 50's and drives them through downtown. The cars were way cool and everyone was on the street. So we walked around, Sis. Johnson and I were way too new to do street contacting, so we just talked to people but nobody seemed interested. Saturday I came home and we ate dinner at a member's house who has a daughter on a mission in England. They were so sweet and their daughter, Grace, is EXACTLY LIKE LEXI. She loves ranch, cheese, and is a super picky eater. It was so funny. She talked like Lexi and acted just like her. LEXI I found your twin. :)
Yesterday was an interesting day. me and my companion have had colds from the (changing) weather and our immune systems are way crazy. We went to church, taught a few lessons, and then went to a family's house for dinner. Afterwards, I wasn't feeling well enough to go to other member's, so we went home. We took my temperature twice within an hour. The first one was 101.9 and the second time was 102.3. So we called Sis Mullen (The mission presiden's wife) and the doctor to see if I needed to go to Urgent Care. Turns out my lovely MTC companion (the sister who was in Sandpoint, ID) had bronchitis and gave it to me!!  I haven't been to the doctor but I feel 100% better today! :)
We have been so blessed here. The members are awesome and our ward mission leaders are so sweet. They take such good care of us. Remember to always pray AND study your scriptures. It's amazing how much I've learned from the scriptures from just sitting down and studying them. P.S. the bible dictionary is AWESOME. its probably my favorite book. :)
I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you! Letters are awesome and I read them all the time. :)
All my love,
sis. gardanier

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