Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

When you are companions with you best friend...

Let me tell you that Sister Tritt is my best friend. I love that girl to DEATH. She and I get along so well and we get stuff done. This past week has been super crazy though. We did a "swept" into an ELDER'S apartment. It was DISGUSTING. If any of you elders out there have a gross apartment, I'm going to be so sad. 

Monday we said goodbye to people in Liberty Lake. I was sad to go, but I was excited to be with Sister Tritt. :) I got a blessing from Brother Wilkinson before I left.  (the sister missionaries lived in the basement of the Wilkinson's home.  They have been fantastic to our little missionary...and I appreciate them soooo much!)  It was one of the greatest blessings I've received on my mission. It answered a ton of the questions I personally had and gave me hope for my new area.

Tuesday was INSANE. It was the worst day I've ever had on my mission. But looking back it was also SO funny. Sister Tritt and I arrived at our apartment and our apartment was LOCKED. The elders told us they were going to leave it open and it wasn't. And we didn't have a phone. So the members who drove us let us use their phones and call missionaries to find out where our key is any why our apartment was locked. We called 10 sets of missionaries with no luck. Finally we found out a member had Elder Padilla (one of the missionaries we swept out) with them and they were on their way and coming with the key to the apartment. We waited outside for an hour. Then they FINALLY showed up, Padilla picked up his stuff and left out the door. We were left with a DISGUSTING apartment. The floors hadn't been vacuumed.... EVER. The fridge had food in it that was moldy and way nasty. We honestly threw everything away. There were dirty dishes in the sick and in the dishwasher. Mom, you would have been disgusted. We called the housing coordinators for the mission and told them to come over and give us cleaning stuff. We spent the rest of the day Tuesday cleaning up after the elders and unpacking our belongings. No missionary work went on that day.

Wednesday and Thursday- We were still cleaning the apartment. We called the AP's to tell them the apartment was totally trashed and we needed an extra day to clean it. They authorized it and now it's livable. :) We're still vacuuming. I've vacuumed over our bedroom floor 6 times and the vacuum is full every time. My socks were black on the bottom. (please...someone....send her some new socks!!  :-)

Friday we had district meeting and got the car! We only have the car part time. I was so spoiled in my past areas. We have so many hills here and our area is actually really spread out for it being a college town.

Sunday our ward boundaries got moved. We already knew this was happening and we couldn't really do any missionary work because we didn't know where the cut off was and we really didn't want to get attached to anyone. Hahaha but the split took our one investigator. :( ...and a focus family we loved. But we are loving the Cheney 1st ward!

I still vote that there should be an instruction book to sweeping an area. Its really hard to figure out where we're going on foot and we're working on finding key families to work with. Hahaha. But Tritt and I love the adventure! 

We've had TONS of crazy coincidences since we've been here. One of the ones that has made a huge impact on us AND the ward is the sweet family. They are a less-active family and the ward has been trying to get into their house for like 5 years. The bishop gave us their name and so we went over there. First off, they let us in. Which was huge. Then we talked to the family, trying to get the know them better, and the wife said she was from Snowflake, Arizona! I asked her if she knew the Bigler family and she said she is a Bigler! I think she looks like one for sure. I explained I know the Bigler family and she just couldn't believe it! She invited us back over and said she was going to come to church on Sunday!

I know that I have been put in this Cheney Ward with Sister Tritt for a reason. Sometimes it's hard and we get lost and we don't know what's going on,  but the Lord works in mysterious ways. I know that we can do work here and we will see this area grow.

I love all of you.

Sister Gardanier

                           Her new apartment....haha!!

                     It took the sisters three days to clean the apartment after the elders.

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