Thursday, April 25, 2013


Wednesday, 4/24/13Today is the day that Jordan officially started her mission.  She was scheduled to report to the Mission Training Center (MTC)  in Provo, Utah at 12:45.  Before she checked in Jordan wanted to have lunch at her favorite spot - Cafe Rio.  When we (Mom, Dad and Cole) got to the restaurant there were several other new missionaries also having lunch at Cafe Rio. 

There was a girl at the table next to us that asked Jordan where she was going on her mission.  When Jordan said Spokane the girl said that she was also starting her mission today and that she was also going to Spokane! The girl's brother said that when he left for his mission, a couple of years ago, he stopped for lunch and also met someone that was going to his mission.  When they reported to the MTC later that day they found out that the 2 boys were going to be companions while they were at the MTC.  Maybe the girl from Cafe Rio will be Jordan's companion.

After lunch we drove to the MTC to drop-off Jordan.  Along the way we asked her if she was nervous and she said that she wasn't.  Everybody keeps commenting on how calm and relaxed she seems.

The drop-off was really short - about 3 minutes. As soon as we pulled up to the curb 2 missionaries came up to the car and unloaded her suitcases from the trunk.  I think the suitcases were out of the care before we could all get out of the car. A nice missionary girl about Jordan's age took a photo of all of us and told Jordan to make sure to leave her car keys and cell phone in the car (this must be a common mistake).  Then they both walked into the building to start the next 18 months.

Here is a photo of Jordan reporting to the MTC (4/24/13 about 12:45):


  1. She looks so happy. So proud of her! Please keep this updated. I am so excited you can keep us posted and show us her pics! :) Love you guys!

  2. She looks so excited! Can't wait to see some pics with her name tag! :)

  3. this makes me wanna cry! im so glad you will be putting her letters on here!